BMW E46 Coupé is the most perfectly shaped car BMW ever made. The best of the E46 models are the 330Ci and of course the M3. The 6-in-line engine is the best ever made – the M3 version a real work of art.

My present Car - really a love affair.
(Wheels later changed to Kreutzspeische 163 8½x19 front and rear)

However, there is a beauty tempting in the distance, “The Car”, the E46 M3.

Tempting as Hell, but a new relation means the end of the old one – and this is hard, very hard indeed!

Still considering………. and looking. The beauty is undeniable.

I found it - and now "The Car" will be mine

But there is a snake in Paradise: The E46 M3 is weak in the rear sub-frame mounts.

And there are good and bad solutions.


Tatemono is Japanese and means “building” “things” - ie. buildings.


Why the Japanese name and the Japanese pictures on this website?

The explanation is simple: I am fascinated by Japan, it’s culture, it’s buildings, it’s traditions and it’s people.